OCR for Document Cameras - only $4.99

TopOCR is designed to be simple and user-friendly for scanning books and magazines with document cameras. It combines a full featured Image Editor and Word Processor with advanced multi-core image processing and OCR engines. A single-click Real-Time Document Camera Image Preview and Capture Dialog makes it easy for you to properly position your documents for scanning. Plus, for those who have difficulty reading printed material, TopOCR has a powerful and easy to use, multi-lingual Accessible OCR User Interface.

Select Your Choice of Output Formats and Tools

TopOCR's OCR text output can be saved in your choice of PDF/HTML/TXT/RTF file formats, or easily converted to eBook formats. It also has a multilingual Text To Speech System that uses free Text To Speech Voices, allowing you to convert your documents into high quality speech and save them as MP3 files. TopOCR's built-in Search Engine enables you to find any of your scanned documents instantly. TopOCR also provides an easy to use Image Processing Toolkit that can be accessed with just a few mouse clicks. Need to translate your scanned documents? With TopOCR's Auto-Translate mode, you can automatically scan printed material written in one language and instantly translate it into another language. You can even listen to the translated text on your PC's headset or speakers or also save it as an MP3 file. This is like having your own personal BabelFish Universal Translator, but without needing any fish-food!

In addition to having the ability to save the OCR text output in PDF text format, TopOCR can also read and write multi-page PDF image files. TopOCR also supports "Scan to PDF", so you can quickly and easily archive any number of scanned images as a single high resolution, multi-page PDF image file. You can also use TopOCR as a PDF to MP3 converter.

Simple Operation - Easy to Understand and Use

TopOCR's advanced image processing software can fix problems caused by low contrast and low light conditions. When scanning with a document camera, you can use paper clips or your fingers to hold documents flat for better image capture and they can be automatically cropped from the image border along with the background. There's also no need to worry if your documents are upside down or sideways. TopOCR can take care of this with its Automatic Text Orientation Correction that transforms images to their correct orientation whenever it does OCR and also automatically when scanning images with a document camera. TopOCR also provides a Column Straightening function to correct document skew and reduce page curvature from books, and is also equipped with an edge enhancement filter for improved readability and OCR accuracy, and it can process multi-column images from books and magazines as well as single column receipts.

However, it's not just about features, it's also about usability, and a good design makes an application easy to understand and use. TopOCR's Graphical User Interface is built around a natural left-to-right work-flow model that allows you to automate the core process. With just a single-click you can capture an image, apply your choice of image processing filters, OCR the image, copy the OCR text output into the multi-page text editor, spell-check the text or translate the text and convert it into high quality text to speech in real-time. Thanks to this streamlined workflow, your throughput is greatly accelerated. With TopOCR, you're not working harder, just smarter!

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Platform Requirements

OS: Windows Vista up to Windows 10
RAM: 2 GB minimum
Document Camera: 2.0 MP minimum - 5.0 MP or 8.0 MP recommended
CPU: 4 core or better recommended, SSE instruction support