Toucan 4.1 Mobile Browser For Low Vision - Free Download!

Toucan is a fast, light-weight web browser that is designed specifically for people with who find it difficult to read from a standard web browser on a small tablet screen.

Click on the icon to download Toucan 4.1 (1.15 MB) for Windows™.

Toucan 4.1 has the following features:

Uses 20X less memory than FireFox/Chrome
Faster Startup and 3-4 times faster page loading than FireFox/Chrome
Immune to viruses or other malware
Flash memory friendly - doesn't permanently cache downloaded files
Easy to use text magnification
Enhanced text rendering for easier to read text on small screen sizes
Supports HTML, Javascript, Bookmarks, Cookies, SSL
Simple to use Navigation Buttons at the bottom of the screen
Supports Tablet Touch interface - select links, drag the screen, or use a mouse
Built-in easy to use internal Touch Keyboard for text entry
Will adapt to any screen size in Landscape Orientation


What Doesn't Toucan Support?

Toucan is designed to be a fast, lightweight web browser with a focus on "readability" and "usability", so it doesn't support plug-ins like Flash, or Audio/Video Codecs. It also doesn't support Style Sheets or HTML 5.0. Toucan offers an easy to use navigation interface combined with plain HTML rendering at hyperspeed without being slowed down by cumbersome plug-ins, malware or complicated CSS layouts.

How Do You Use Toucan?

Navigating with Toucan is really easy! You can "drag" the screen and select links with your mouse, or on a tablet use your finger, or you can use the buttons at the bottom of the browser to tab through and select links. All of Toucan's buttons are large and very easy to use!

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