Using TopOCR with Calibre to Convert your Documents to eBook Formats

Calibre is a great multi-function freeware eBook format conversion application. You can use it with TopOCR to convert any of your scanned documents into content that can be loaded onto any eBook Reader such as the Amazon Kindle. The mechanism for doing this is to use a shared directory between TopOCR and Calibre. Every time you save a document with TopOCR it will automatically be added to Calibre's document list. To initialize Calibre, set the transfer directory in Preferences->Adding Books->Automatic Adding to the directory you want to share between TopOCR and Calibre (this is located on the far right of Calibre's ToolBar).

TopOCR/Calibre Document to eBook Conversion

  1. Plug in your eBook device and let Windows mount its file system
  2. Click on the Calibre menu item on TopOCR's Text Window Menu Bar to launch Calibre
  3. Select the file(s) you want to convert and transfer from Calibre's document list
  4. Select the Send To Device button and wait until the files are converted and transferred to your eBook Reader

Calibre will keep track of the documents you add to this directory whenever you save them from TopOCR's Text Window File->Save. The best document file format to use for sharing data between TopOCR and Calibre is "RTF".

You can download Calibre or learn more about Calibre by reading the documentation and watching a presentation video on their web site.