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Binarizing Images with Background Removal

The Image->Binarize dialog has a Background Removal slider to control the intensity of the Background Removal. This option will remove non-text objects, including pictures, noise and even your fingers from a text image's background (see the example below).

Raw Image Before Binarization After Binarization with Background Removal

The above image was captured with a Logitech C910 Webcam, whose shadow outline may be seen on the right - Background Removal thoroughly removes that as well!

The Image->Binarize->Background Removal slider is an intensity dial for "Background Removal". To remove more Background from an image, move the slider to the right, to remove less background from an image, move it to the left. Move it far to the right and essentially get rid of all background, including fingers, paper clips, image noise, etc.

Note: After you determine the correct background slider value, you may have the OCR engine automatically perform this operation by setting the background slider in the Settings->OCR... dialog.