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TopOCR Demo (It's Free! Give it a Try!)

Click on the Icon to download and install the TopOCR 53 Demo (154.6 MB) for Windows application.

The TopOCR download file size is 154.6 MB due to the inclusion of all the neural net training files for all eleven supported languages and Neural Warp. If you have a previous version of this software installed on your PC, you must first un-install the old version before you install this version.

If you're not satisfied with the accuracy you're getting from the TopOCR Demo, then send an email to attaching a single sample image (under 2 MB). We will be happy to advise you on how to get the best possible results with your sample image.

TopOCR Demo Limitations

Please note that as of August 1, 2019 TopOCR is distributed exclusively with TopOCR Reader and is no longer available for online purchase.

Unlike most shareware trial packages, the TopOCR Demo does not work within a fixed time period, for instance 30 days, or a fixed number of uses. The TopOCR Demo will work indefinitely and process an indefinite number of images. However, all of the OCR text output save functions are disabled as well as the Accessible User Interface and the Text To Speech functions. The Demo will allow you to evaluate TopOCR's main features for functionality as well as for OCR accuracy. All of the limitations of the demo program are removed in the full release of TopOCR that is included with TopOCR Reader.

Platform Requirements

OS: Windows 10 Only!
RAM: 4 GB Recommended
CPU: 4 Core or Better, SSE2 Instruction Support