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What is a Document Camera?

Document cameras are the new and improved way to scan documents! They use the same high speed UVC video interface used by webcams to transfer images to a PC, and are also directly powered from the USB port. Document cameras are more portable, quieter and use less desk space than a flatbed scanner and also use considerably less power (a consideration for mobile users). All of the optical settings of a document camera, including the focus, are automatically controlled, so you can completely forget about having to adjust things like ISO, exposure, shutter speed, etc. like you would with a conventional digital still camera. In addition, a document camera is attached to a stable stand that is perpendicular to the document. As a result, you will not have issues with motion blur and perspective distortion like you would if you were trying to capture document images with a digital still camera or smartphone. Because of these characteristics, document cameras are the easiest type of camera to use for capturing document images and will also produce the best results. Another benefit of using a document camera is that you have the ability to have a full-screen real-time HD display of the image capture area to help you position the document.

Using TopOCR with Document Cameras

How many times have you had to re-scan a document on a flat-bed scanner because it was improperly placed? TopOCR's Video Image Capture Dialog will allow you to preview in real time your scanned document making it easy for you to place your document correctly without having to do multiple test scans. TopOCR also has an optional 5 stage user configurable image processing filter built into the Video Image Capture Dialog that automatically processes images as they're captured, saving you from having to manually process them later.