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Zoot Micro Browser Ebook Reader

The Zoot Micro Browser is an ultrafast, super easy to use Micro Browser for people who find it difficult to read from a standard web browser on a small tablet or notebook screen.

Zoot Micro Browser 1.0 has the following features:

"Walled Garden" restricted to Project Gutenberg online eBook Reading only!
Runs on a bare minimum Windows Device with minimal memory
Faster Startup and 3-4 times faster page loading than FireFox or Chrome Web Browsers
Immune to viruses or other malware
Flash memory friendly - doesn't permanently cache downloaded files
Easy to use single button text magnification
Enhanced font renderer for easier to read text on small tablet screens
Simple to use Navigation Buttons at the bottom of the screen
Supports Tablet Touch interface - use your finger to select links, drag the screen
Easy to use two button Text To Speech Synthesiszer

Screenshot of Zoot Micro Browser 1.0

How Do You Read Project Gutenberg e-books With The Zoot Micro Browser?

Navigating with the Zoot Micro Browser is really easy! You can "drag" the screen and select links with your finger on a tablet, or use a keyboard and mouse. All of the Guten Micro Browser's buttons are large and very easy to use!

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