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TopOCR's Image Processing Functions

In both the Accessible Mode or the GUI Mode, TopOCR can automatically perform many its basic image processing operations. In GUI Mode, a complete document image processing system for manual processing of images is available to use. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with combinations of functions to increase OCR accuracy (we encourage you to experiment!). This system is easy to use and is accessible from the Image Menu on the Image Window.

* Colors - convert image to different pixel depths
* Rotate - rotate an image
* Brightness - change image brightness
* Contrast - change image contrast
* Contrast Stretching - makes darker pixels darker and lighter pixels lighter
* Invert - inverts pixel color
* Scale - smart Scaling based on pixel depth
* Binarize - high speed adaptive binarizer with optional Contrast Enhancement and adjustable AutoCropping/Background Removal (multi-core)
* Sharpen - reduces image blur
* Deskew - straightens skewed images
* Straighten Columns - straightens curved or skewed text lines in single or multiple columns of text (multi-core)
* Neural Warp - correct camera image geometric distortions, page curvature, perspective correction, rotation and background
* Thicken Text - make thin text thicker
* Background Equalizer
* Noise Reduction - reduce camera image noise
* Small Print mode for images with smaller text (multi-core)
* Document Layout Analysis performed before OCR
* Automatically corrects page orientation (AutoRotation) for OCR
* Formats - .GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .TIF, .PDF, .EPS, .PCX, and more
* Drag and drop image files from any directory
* Use your mouse to crop images or select sub region
* Status bar displays cursor coordinates to aid in measuring text
* Easy to use DirectShow/UVC real-time document camera capture
* Twain image capture