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Using TopOCR 59 with a RAM Disk

TopOCR's TAO OCR function can be optimized by use of a RAM Disk. This can also be a useful feature on flash memory disk file systems used by low cost tablets and stick PCs, because a RAM Disk can reduce the "wear" on a flash file system.

TopSoft maintains a local copy of the "ImDiskTk RAM Disk Utility".

This optional step takes less than a minute to complete. First, download and install ImDiskTk and then run the configuration and formatting tool and create a ram disk with the drive letter of "Z:" and a drive label of "TopOCR". We recommend a 32 MB ram disk. You need to create the ram disk with these parameters in order for it to work correctly with TopOCR, otherwise it will simply default to your hard drive. Please note that when Windows performs an update it may delete your RAM Disk so you will have to reconfigure and format it.

Deleting The Ram Disk
If you want to delete the TopOCR Ram Disk, then in the Windows File Manager, select the "TopOCR (Z:)" drive and and then "right-click" on it with your mouse and then select "Unmount ImDisk Virtual Disk".