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The ReadCam Personal Reading Assistant is a folding HD document camera that stands slightly over twelve inches tall and weighs a little over a pound. Despite its small size, it can scan a full A4 or Letter sized document in a fraction of a second! It features a protective folding design constructed of tough, durable materials and has a simple to use LED lamp for low light environments. Because of its advanced electronic and optical design, no manual adjustments are ever needed by the camera. All camera settings are automatically set and maintained by the camera's built-in image procesing chip.

ReadCam's integrated camera stand ensures that the camera is always perpendicular to the document to be scanned. This approach completely eliminates persperctive distortion caused by taking a picture that is not perfectly perpendicular to the document. In addition, handheld digital cameras or smartphones when used with low shutter speeds will often show a characteristic motion-blur casued by a slight shaking of the camera while the shutter is open. ReadCam's integrated camera stand adds mechanical stability to the image sensor to completely eliminate camera motion-blur. When combined together, these two features make ReadCam a much better choice for document image capture compared to any smartphone or handheld digital camera.

Since ReadCam is powered directly through the USB port, you also never have to worry about batteries or transferring images. It's also totally silent in operation and takes up about as much desk space as a coffee cup.

When ReadCam is combined with TopOCR Reader, "the fastest, most accurate Accessible OCR Reading Machine Application that there is", you end up with a system that can read virtually any kind of book, magazine, newspaper or typed letter to you in under two seconds with a previously un-attainable level of accuracy. TopOCR Reader features built-in document orientation correction, so it doesn't care if your documents are placed sideways or upside down, and it can also warn you if the light level is too low for effective scanning. It has an easy to use, accessible nine key keyboard command system that provides extensive audio feedback during its use.

Each package contains:

1. ReadCam HD Document Camera for A4 or Letter sized documents
2. 1.5 meter USB 2.0 cable
3. 11x17 inch Document Capture Mat
4. 4 GB Flash Drive with TopOCR Reader 1.8 and Text To Speech Voices for 11 different languages

Platform Requirements

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 for TopOCR Reader with Tesseract LSTM OCR
OS: Windows 10 only for for TopOCR Reader with TAO OCR
RAM: 2 GB or better