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Save Your Scanned Documents as MP3 or Text Files

TopOCR's Accessible User Interface gives you the option of converting and backing-up your scanned documents as MP3 or plain text files. After you've finished scanning a page, press the F2 key to pause reading or simply let the reading finish. Then, plug your MP3 player into any USB port on your PC, wait for your PC to mount the file system (a few seconds) and then press the F3 key.

TopOCR will automatically detect your MP3 player and will convert the text from your scanned document into MP3 audio and copy it to your MP3 player. This process happens automatically without any further user intervention and will use the Text To Speech system to announce its progress. TopOCR uses an "auto-incrementing" naming system for your MP3 files, that begins with the name "page001.mp3" in the root directory of your MP3 Player. This essentially creates an ordered "play-list" so that your MP3 player can skip between pages by simply pressing the "Next Song" or "Previous Song" button.

Besides saving your OCR text output as MP3 audio, TopOCR also gives you the option to save your OCR text output as a raw text file in the root directory of a removable flash drive. You can select the format of the OCR text output as either MP3 audio or raw text by typing Control-R.

Note: It's important to remember to plug-in your MP3 player or flash drive after you start TopOCR, this is necessary so that TopOCR can detect the device and determine where its file system is located.