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TopOCR Supports Two Types of Scanners (FlatBed and Mobile)

Note: TopOCR does not offer ADF support.

How to Configure TopOCR for Use with your Scanner (Just one easy step!)

1. Set TopOCR's Settings->OCR->Binarization Type to Scanner That's it, you're now ready to use your Scanner with TopOCR!.

Acquiring Images With a FlatBed Scanner

First use the "File->Select TWAIN Source" menu item to select your scanner driver, this only needs to be done once as TopOCR will retain this selection for future use. For each document you want to scan select the "File->Acquire TWAIN Image" menu item. This will then scan an image into TopOCR which will be displayed in TopOCR's image window. TopOCR will also auto-rotate and display the image to the correct orientation, even if you put the page in sideways or upside down! The TWAIN scan function defaults to an 8.5x11.0 page size, 24-bit color, 300 DPI image, and to simplify the scanning process does not display a scanner setup/configuration dialog. This way, with just a single mouse-click you scan and display a 24 bit auto-rotated image in the correct orientation along with the OCR results, in under a second after the completion of scanning.

Acquiring Images With a Mobile Scanner

We recommend setting your Mobile Scanner to 300 DPI and 24 bit color. TopOCR provides you with two methods to access the image files in a mobile scanner.

Method 1

1. Use the File->Open command to open any file in your scanner's image directory.
2. Then use the Page->Next JPEG Image command to load each consecutive image.

Method 2

1. Drag and Drop images from your mobile scanner's image directory directly onto TopOCR's Image Window.