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Searching your Documents with TopOCR

In GUI Mode, you can access TopOCR's Document Search Engine from the Text Window and select the "Search->Search in Files" menu.

This dialog has three entry fields:

1. "Select Folder" Specifies root directory to start the search - TopOCR will also search all subdirectories
2. "Search" Specifies search string - can use wildcards
3. "Include Files" Specifies file extension, like ".rtf", "*.*", etc.

TopOCR can search for text in files that have the following extensions: .rtf, .txt, .html. When a match is found it is displayed. You can then click on the match and your document will be placed in a document viewer.

When you OCR a document, for example, a business card, you should keep the text file in a directory such as \work\businesscards\. From this point forward, you should always put your business card text files in this same directory. Later, when you need to find an important piece of text, for example, a list of all business cards from a particular company, do the following:

1. "Select Folder" Set to \work\businesscards\
2. "Search" set to "particular company"
3. "Include Files" Set to *.*, *.txt, *.rtf, *.html (whatever format your saved files are)

This will then display a list of files with the text lines that contain the high-lighted "particular company". Click on the high-lighted search words, and you'll see all the business cards from that company in a document viewer.

Too much for you to type in? Well don't worry, TopOCR will save these values, allowing you to use them again next time with no typing!