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A Guide to TopOCR's Graphical User Interface

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    Document Camera Image Alignment

    In order to get the highest possible OCR accuracy, the document camera as well as the documents need to be "aligned", in other words, "to be as straight and parallel with each other as possible". Aligning the document camera and document is a 2-step process.

    First, align the center of the document camera to the center of the Document Camera Rectangle.

    Then align your document in the Document Capture Rectangle, keeping the edges as straight as possible.

    You can either visually align documents to be straight, by using the the DocCam Image Preview Dialog or you can use software functions to automatically straighten the images.

    TopOCR provides two separate functions to correct for commonly encountered image distortion like rotation or page curl.

    Neural Warp is a neural network that will take any document camera text image and automatically correct for both 3D and 2D image distortion for perspective, page curl, rotation, lighting and background.

    Straighten Columns is a 2D text line tracking function combined with a sophisticated curve fitting function to straighten lines of 2D text.

    You can select either of these functions to use automatically every time you scan an image with a document camera with the DocCam Image Preview Dialog These functions automatically create a "corrected" text aligned output image ready for OCR, and can greatly improve OCR accuracy, in some cases by as much as 40%-50%!