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DocCam Image Preview - DocCam Settings

This dialog provides complete control over a document camera's codecs, resolution, image processing operations and capture time delay.

Select a Camera

Use this to select a particular UVC/DirectShow compatible document camera.

Set Time Delay

You can also select a capture time delay from 0 to 20 seconds to allow you time to use your hands to flatten a curled book page for better capture.

Set Capture Properties

This will launch the "Capture Properties" dialog that allows you to select a particular compression codec and image capture resolution. You will only need to use this dialog if you do not want to use the document camera's default values which are the document camera's maximum resolution. If your document camera supports MJPEG then TopOCR will let you use your document camera as a video presenter connected to a 1080P display device (monitor, TV, or projector). To do so, simply select the MJPEG codec, by selecting the Color Space Compression to MJPG and the Output Size to 1920x1080 and then MAXIMIZE the Doccam Image Preview Dialog. You now have a full-screen live 30 FPS HD video capture and display window! If you are going to change the Capture Properties settings, select the codec first, and then the resolution.

Image Options

The Doccam Image Options Dialog allows you to scan images in either color or black and white and also gives you the option to automatically OCR the black and white image after you scan it. Black and white images have a 6 stage user configurable binarization filter. The binarization filter converts a raw image from a document camera into a form that the OCR engine can process more accurately. You are encouraged to experiment with these configuration settings to produce the most accurate OCR results for your particular document camera and documents. Scanned images with text will be automatically rotated to the correct orientation for display in TopOCR's Image Window and for OCR.

This dialog gives you two "strategies" for scanning, a "Color Image Capture Mode" and a "Black And White OCR Mode". The color image capture mode will give you the maximum scanning speed. For example if you were scanning a book, the limiting factor to your scanning speed would be how quickly you could turn a page and press the "Esc" key to scan the page. When you've finished scanning in the color image capture mode you can save all the images into a PDF "book" by using the File->Save All menu item. Instead of the color image capture mode, you can use the second strategy and perform OCR on the images using the black and white OCR mode with the Auto-OCR option.

Black and White Image Options

  1. Super Resolution - obtain a 2X high resolution image from a document camera

  2. Auto-OCR - Automatically OCR the black and white image after you scan it

  3. Background Removal Slider - remove noise and objects like fingers from the document image background

  4. Straighten Columns - straighten columns of text and remove graphics and clipped columns combined with the Reduce Noise function

  5. Neural Warp - correct for 3D and 2D image distortion and background

  6. Contrast Equalize - equalizes background on more reflective images, such as a glossy magazine page

  7. Contrast Maximize - maximizes background contrast to produce better text binarization for darker backgrounds - do not use on lighter backgrounds

Note: due to CPU constraints, you cannot run Super Resolution and Neural Warp together.

DocCam Image Preview - Scan an Image

Click on this button to capture an image from your document camera. You can also use the "keyboard shortcut" to capture an image which is the "Esc" key.
To exit this dialog and return to the TopOCR Image Window, click on the "close window" button in the upper right corner. You can also click on the "Window Maximize" and get a full screen real time display.