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Image Window - File Menu


Open an image file. Please note that if you are opening a PDF image file created by TopOCR you will need to click on the 72 DPI checkbox in the FileOpen dialog.


Close an image file


Save an image file.

Save All

Save all open image files in Topocr's Image Window as a single multi-page image file. Generally used with either PDF or TIFF format.


Print an image.

Print Preview

Preview what an image would look like when it is printed.

Print Setup

Change printer settings.

Set Scanner

Select from a list of installed TWAIN scanner drivers for your scanner.

Scan Image

Scan a 24 bit color image and display it in TopOCR's Image Window, auto-rotate the image to the correct orientation, OCR the image, and put the OCR text output in the text window.


Close the TopOCR application.