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Text Window - File Menu


Use this selection to clear the current text from the screen and open a new document. The user is prompted to save the modification if the current document has been modified.

Save File As

Use this selection to save the text and formatting to the current file name. If the file name and format are not yet specified, the editor will prompt you for a file name and file format. You can choose the format of your saved file, the choices are: "PDF", "TXT", "RTF", "Unicode TXT", and "HTML". If you are planning on using the saved file with another word processor, like MicroSoft® Word, we recommend selecting RTF for the format.

Page Layout

Use this option before selecting the Print option to specify the page layout. You can specify these parameters: Margin (left, right, top and bottom) in inches, and an option to print in a justified manner. This option flushes the words on the left and right margins.

Printer Setup

This option invokes a printer specific dialog box for the default printer (the default printer selection is made from the control panel of Windows) You select the parameters from a set of printer specific options. These options include page size, page orientation, resolution, fonts etc.


Use this option to print the contents of the current file. You may also choose to print only the selected part of the file. To print a block of text, the desired text must be highlighted before invoking the print function. The print function will print on a default printer selected from the Windows' control panel. The word processor will select the closest printer fonts that match with the display fonts. You can alter certain print parameters using the printer setup or Page Layout prior to invoking the print option.

Print Preview

This option allows you to preview the document before printing. You can preview one or two pages at various zoom values. In the default zoom value (Fitted) the pages are sized to fit in the current window area.