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TopOCR's Text To Speech System

TopOCR's easy to use Text To Speech System (based on MS Speech) provides a simple pop-up dialog for converting your documents into high quality speech output. You can access TopOCR's Text To Speech System by simply clicking on the Speech menu item on TopOCR's Text Window. TopOCR's Text To Speech System will highlight each word as it is spoken aloud in the text display box!

TopOCR uses an "auto-incrementing" naming system for your MP3 files, that begins with the name "page001.mp3" in the root directory of your MP3 Player. This essentially creates an ordered "play-list" so that your MP3 player can skip between pages by simply pressing the "Next Song" or "Previous Song" button.

Note: It's important to remember to plug-in your MP3 player after you start TopOCR, this is necessary so that TopOCR can detect the device and determine where its file system is located.

TTS Commands

Speak - will speak the output in the text edit box.
Pause - will pause the text to speech.
Stop - will stop text to speech.
Sav2MP3Player - save the audio as an MP3 audio file on the root drive of your MP3 player.