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The ReadStick Reading Machine will be available exclusively on Amazon on May 1, 2020 for only $399!

The ReadStick is an English only Reading Machine that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It includes a mini retractable mouse that is used to scroll through and select commands from a Command Menu and a set of 3.5mm audio earbuds to hear the Text To Speech output from the OCR engine. The ReadStick also includes a TopOCR Reader Document Camera for image scanning that plugs directly into a USB 3.0 port on its right side.

The ReadStick 's OCR performance is comparable in speed to a desktop PC with an average reading speed of just a few seconds per page.

Although the ReadStick doesn't require a display to operate, you can optionally connect the ReadStick to any HDMI monitor or TV using the ReadStick's HDMI port located at the top of the ReadStick. Simply plug the included HDMI cable into your TV or monitor and then connect it to the ReadStick's HDMI connector. This would allow you to view and scroll through an enhanced magnified image from the Document Camera on your TV or video monitor while you listen to it being read to you.

The ReadStick uses much less power than any PC. It is normally AC powered, but it can also be powered with a smart phone power bank that you can buy for under $30 which will be able to power the system all day! You could use the ReadStick several hours per day for a month and only use a few cents worth of electricity! In addition, the ReadStick doesn't have all the maintenance and accessibility issues that you would have to cope with when using a PC or smartphone.

Please note that the ReadStick doesn't require or ever use a network connection.
All OCR is done directly on the ReadStick and NOT through a cloud interface.
The ReadStick is a licensed Win10 device, and includes the Windows© license key.

Easy to Setup and Operate - No Software Installation or Configuration Required!

  1. Plug the power adapter into an AC power socket and the adapter output cable into the Type C USB connector on the bottom of the ReadStick

  2. Plug the 3.5mm audio headset into the left side of the ReadStick

  3. Plug the USB 2.0 connector cable into the document camera and into a usb connector on the right side of the ReadStick

  4. Plug in the mini-retractable mouse into the second usb connector on the right side of the ReadStick

Turn the unit's power on by pressing the power button on the right side of the ReadStick. You will get immediate audio feedback that the unit is on. The ReadStick will announce through the earbuds that it is "Ready" for scanning after about 40 seconds from power on. To scan and OCR an image, simply press the left mouse button, and a few seconds later you will hear the Text To Speech output.

Microsoft Seeing AI OCR Engine

The ReadStick is powered by the "Seeing AI" OCR engine. This is a VERY fast and VERY accurate OCR engine from Microsoft©. We have combined it with our own multi-core image processing and document layout analysis front-end to create an extremely fast and accurate OCR system for use with the TopOCR Reader Document Camera. Since this system executes directly on the device and not through a cloud interface you do NOT need a network connection for it to operate.

Easy OCR to MP3 Conversion

The ReadStick gives you the option of converting and backing-up your scanned documents as MP3 files. After you've finished scanning a page, press the right mouse button to pause reading or simply let the reading finish. Then, plug your MP3 player into the USB port on the ReadStick, and then scroll through the command menu until you hear the "Convert the OCR Text To Speech to an MP3 audio file..." menu item. Then press the left mouse button. The ReadStick will automatically detect your MP3 player and will convert the text from your scanned document into MP3 audio and copy it to the root folder your MP3 player. This process happens automatically without any further user intervention and will use the Text To Speech system to announce its progress. The ReadStick uses an "auto-incrementing" naming system for your MP3 files that begins with the name "page001.mp3" in the root directory of your MP3 Player. This essentially creates an ordered "play-list" so that your MP3 player can skip between pages by simply pressing the "Next Song" or "Previous Song" button.

ReadStick Menu and Mouse UI

The ReadStick mini retractable mouse has the standard left and right mouse button and vertical scroll wheel. You can move the scroll wheel up or down to scroll through the Command Menu shown below.

You can select the command you just scrolled to with the left mouse button, or pause/resume the Text To Speech with the right mouse button. These two buttons and the menu scroll wheel plus the power button are the entire operating interface to the ReadStick!

ReadStick Command Menu

  1. Scan an image from the document camera, OCR the image, and read the OCR Output
  2. Convert the OCR Text To Speech to an MP3 audio file and copy it to an MP3 player plugged into the ReadStick
  3. Select Operating Mode - Standard, Straighten Columns, Neural Warp, Turbo Mode
  4. Select Capture Delay Timer for Image Capture - Default is 10 seconds
  5. Select Volume - select the volume of the voice
  6. Turn ON/OFF "Debug Mode"
  7. Turn On/Off Super Resolution Mode
  8. Audio and Screen Help Information
  9. Scroll scanned image UP
  10. Scroll scanned image DOWN
  11. Scroll scanned image LEFT
  12. Scroll scanned image RIGHT
  13. Shutdown

All of the ReadStick Menu Commands provide audio feeback during operation.