TopOCR's Visually Accessible User Interface

TopOCR's Visual Accessibility is about making the user interface perceivable, operable, and understandable for people with a wide range of visual impairment. There is no reliance upon visual feedback, nor any reliance upon GUI controls that would also require visual feedback. Instead, the interface is based on a keyboard command system that uses the easy to locate Function keys on the top row of a standard keyboard. Each command is just a single key press. Each command also supplies audio feedback when pressed. It also does not require visual feedback to launch the TopOCR application. It can be launched from the desktop using a keyboard shorcut and will give a short audio announcement when it begins executing. The following demonstrates how to use the core features of TopOCR by using just 4 keyboard commands:

From the desktop type "Cntrl-Alt-Q" to launch TopOCR. Wait 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the speed of your computer and then type "Control-Q" to put TopOCR into Accessible Mode. Now you're ready to start using the program!

  1. F1 key to scan, OCR and speak the output to you
  2. F2 key to pause or resume the Text To Speech
  3. F3 key to convert the Text To Speech output into an MP3 file and automatically save it on an MP3 player
  4. F12 key to exit the program

The MP3 creation command initiates a procedure that automatically writes MP3 files to the root directory of an MP3 player using an auto-incrementing naming system of Page 1, Page2, Page3...Page9999. As a result, you don't need a screen reader to navigate a file save dialog and respond to multiple GUI controls to save your OCR output like you would with a standard Windows application. Instead, we replace all of that with just a single key press (F3) that does everything for you automatically and even tells you when it's done!! After you finish reading or converting your documents to MP3 files, you can easily shut down the program and return to the desktop by just pressing the F12 key.