TopOCR Reader's Text To Speech System

TopOCR's Accessible Interface implements its own internal speech manager by combining two separate Microsoft Speech technologies, MS Speech and SAPI into a single list of voices. It maintains an index into this list and with just a single F9 key press a user can change this index and the OCR text reading voice.

MS Speech voices are free medium quality TTS voices provided by Microsoft available for all TopOCR supported languages (more below). SAPI voices are generally commercial products, but provide much better voice quality than the medium quality Microsoft voices.

Microsoft Speech Platform 11.0 Text To Speech Voices

TopOCR's Text To Speech system uses the Microsoft Speech Platform 11.0 Voices. These Text To Speech Voices are free and are available in all the 11 different languages that TopOCR can read. In order to use these voices with TopOCR, you must first download and install one or more of the Text To Speech Voices from the list below. TopOCR will automatically switch its Text To Speech language to the Settings->Language menu item. This also switches the OCR language setting, allowing you to choose a specific language for both reading and speaking!

Speech Platform Runtime License 13 KB

Danish 11.5 MB
German 13.3 MB
English 20.4 MB
Spanish 11.4 MB
Finnish 8.9 MB
French 11.6 MB
Italian 13.3 MB
Norwegian 7.4 MB
Dutch 18.1 MB
Portuguese 10.5 MB
Swedish 11.8 MB